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Samsung SoC SSSP5 - SSSP6

Beabloo Integrates with Samsung SoC SSSP5 and SSSP6 Players

Adding to our already long list of players that are compatible with our content management system (CMS) are the latest versions of the Samsung Smart Signage Platform: SSSP5 and SSSP6.

Our digital signage solutions work natively on Samsung SoC players. While digital signage normally requires and external PC, the Samsung SoC system provides digital signage integrated into the display which makes it easier to install and use.

These are some of the characteristics of Samsung SoC:

  • Supports different types of content, including text, images, videos, RSS feeds, social networks and widgets.
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi analytics, video analytics and beacons.
  • Fully integrable with the Beabloo CMS.
  • Permits both single-zone and multizone templates.
  • Allows content synchronization across screens.
  • Possibility of remotely monitoring digital signage content when integrated with the Samsung Magicinfo Server.


After the successful integration of the SSSP4, the SSSP5 and SSSP6 include:

  • Next-generation Samsung digital signage platform.
  • Evolved multimedia experience.
  • Improved graphics rendering.
  • Better compatibility with HTML5.
  • Faster processer and more memory.
  • Improved device boot time.


Do you want to start reaping the benefits of digital signage with SSSP5 and SSSP6?

Guiomar Fernandez