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CLIENT – Media World
SECTOR – Consumer electronics retail
YEAR – 2015


Media World is Italy’s number one consumer electronics chain. It belongs to Media Markt, which is the largest such chain in Europe.




The challenge

Media World wanted to know how customers at an Italian store behaved in relation to a display showcasing devices with Intel technology. They wanted to see how effectively their advertising highlighted this display.

The Beabloo solution

To achieve this, it was necessary to implement an advanced digital marketing tool that collected reliable numbers and data to optimize the communication strategy and base it on a better understanding of how the target audience behaves.

The results

Implementing Beabloo technology allowed Media World to obtain real and reliable data about the effectiveness of the marketing campaign it implemented to reinforce a specific area of the store. During the analyzed period, store visits went up 16%.

“Beabloo allowed us to reliably evaluate the results of our marketing efforts for a specific area or brand in the store. This technology meant we could take decisions on the basis of real data, which led to a significant increase in sales.”


Assistant COO, Media World

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