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Warner Park transforms their visitor information

system by installing an innovative screen network

that improves the visitor experience

Innovative Visitor Communication System

CLIENT – Warner Park
PARTNER – Inversa Global
SECTOR – Theme parks
YEAR – 2013


Warner Park Madrid is a theme park located 25km southeast of Madrid in the San Martín de la Vega district. The park opened April 6, 2002 under the direction of Six Flags with a 5% participation from Time Warner. In November 2004, the management contract with Six Flags ended. The park is now managed by Time Warner and various Spanish investment groups.





The challenge

To coincide with the opening of the new season, Warner Park wanted to set up a new and innovative visitor information service to communicate more effectively and increase brand visibility.

The Beabloo solution

Beabloo designed a bespoke solution that included a circuit of digital signage screens placed throughout the park. The content strategy was meant to cover different necessities such as queue management at attractions, wait times, attraction status, restaurant specials, restaurant occupancy, security and access information for different attractions, countdowns to showtimes, schedules, offers, events and more. All of this can be centralized thanks to the omnichannel content management system (CMS) integrated with the screen circuit. To add dynamism and interactivity, Beabloo and Inversa integrated the ability to interact and share visitor experiences through participation and publication of social media posts on the screens, enriching the visit to the park.

The results

With this successful project, visitors were able to access information from any point in the park instead of having to move from one end of the park to another. The customer experience also improved considerably and their engagement increased since they had the opportunity to interact. Content management was centralized making it more cost-effective. The brand image was reinforced thanks to the digitized information system.

The park team are certainly very happy with this project. Working with professionals like Beabloo and Inversa is a luxury. Communication has been perfect and fluid with surprisingly fast reactions times. This system makes us a pioneer, and is sure to be a success.”


Director of Operations, Warner Park

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