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Interactive Solutions Improve Customer Experience

We have previously mentioned that interactivity is one of the most important aspects for improving the in-store shopping experience for customers. It is a great way to empower visitors and give them the opportunity to learn more information about products they are interested in without relying on staff.

Interactive digital signage is a great ally for encouraging customer engagement with an omnichannel approach, but products are the star element of any store and the basis of all interactions. Uniting digital signage with interactive technology is the best strategy for improving the customer experience.

Thanks to new tools, customers can get information about products more easily by scanning an RFID tag or barcode, or by simply lifting the products from an interactive shelf. Digital signage screens display information in an attractive way that invites interactions and improves communication between the customer and the brand. Some of the benefits of interactive solutions for retail are:

Improved customer experience

Interactive solutions let customers discover new products by touching, testing and interacting with them. They can also compare products to delve deeper into the brand’s product catalog. This is the basis for the future of retail. These solutions can offer customers more detailed descriptions of products and help them find what they are looking for in a personalized way. With these solutions that work based on customer needs, engagement and customer loyalty will increase.

Better store efficiency

Interactive solutions eliminate the time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks that staff perform every day. Customers can spend more time in the store and get information when they want it. Retailers can focus on the customer journey in the store and provide support when necessary. This lets staff concentrate on improving store operations and performance, and provide optimized service to customers at the final stage of the purchase to improve the brand’s image.

Increased sales

Interactive solutions applied to digital signage help improve marketing campaigns by focusing on specific products or needs. They let retailers show their catalog in a clear and attractive way, helping customers through the purchasing process and improving their experience. These solutions encourage cross-selling and optimize personalization which lead to increased ROI.

To dive deeper into customer interactions with digital signage, Beabloo released their Interactive Product Display solution with Lift & Learn. This solution lets customers receive exhaustive information about products on the nearest digital signage screens by lifting them from interactive shelves. If a customer lifts two products, the screens will show a comparison of the two, including benefits, recommendations, related products and other attractive content.

The Interactive Product Display combines RFID technology and bar codes with interactive readers connected to a digital signage circuit. Products placed on the shelves are equipped with unique ID tags that are recognized when a customer chooses it. When a customer scans or lifts one of the tagged products, the nearest digital signage screen shows content related to the product, such as complementary products or special offers, in an attractive way that encourages customers to interact with content. With this interaction, the retailer connects the customer to the brand and products, exponentially improving their in-store shopping experience.

Guiomar Fernandez