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How to Keep Your Pharmacy Running During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in the beginning of March, countries around the world have agreed on one thing: partial or total confinement measures are the best way to stop the spread of this virus. This meant that many businesses had to close their doors to avoid becoming the center of an outbreak.

However, essential businesses that are required to stay open and continue providing service have been coming up with ways to keep working while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Businesses, including pharmacies, have had to work against the clock to implement safety measures that protect both customers and employees. Preventing COVID-19 in pharmacies is also very important because many customers belong to high-risk groups, such as elderly people, pregnant women, and those with lowered immune systems.

How to guarantee social distancing measures in pharmacies

One of the most effective measures tested during the pandemic is limiting social interactions to reduce the risk of contagion. Although it may be complicated to apply physical distancing in pharmacies, guaranteeing it in essential spaces should be a priority.

Coronavirus protocols for pharmacies should include systems that control how many people can enter the space. They should also include a social distancing alert system that displays digital signage messages or sends push notifications when social distancing is not being respected. This can help protect people in the pharmacy without interrupting their shopping experience.

How to implement social distancing and security measures in pharmacies

Retail technology has been used for years to improve the shopping experience. Now, it provides the added value of making the customer journey around any physical space as safe as possible.

With thermal cameras located at the entrance, you can perform a coronavirus temperature check (always respecting their privacy) as customers enter the pharmacy. Using thermal cameras to detect COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever, can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in pharmacies. Zenithal sensors can also measure and guarantee social distancing.

Using sensors, you can follow the customer journey, always in a way that respects customer privacy. This lets you guarantee the safety of both your customers and employees. Instead of becoming the center of a possible outbreak, pharmacies can become secure spaces that project an image of normalcy and safety. Thanks to these tech systems, you can also see which parts of the pharmacy experience the most physical contact to prioritize sanitation.

At Beabloo, we leveraged technologies that businesses are already using and adapted them to fit new needs. That’s how Interaction Care was born. This solution, recognized by partners like Intel and Microsoft, can contribute to guaranteeing social distancing measures to combat coronavirus in pharmacies. By protecting interactions without completely losing the human element we all need, this solution brings incredible value to pharmacies and beyond.

Guiomar Fernandez