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General Information

  • What are the benefits of Beabloo solutions?

    Discover what you can achieve with the integrated solutions in our Active Customer Intelligence Suite.

  • Which sectors can benefit from Beabloo solutions?

    Our solutions are designed for very different kinds of businesses, including retail stores, big brands, department stores, events, travel agencies, etc.

  • Can I request a demo?

    Yes. Just fill out the demo request form for the solution you are interested in, and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

  • Do you have use cases from different industries?

    Yes! Check out the success stories section, to see how different companies benefit from Beabloo solutions.

  • How much time does my team have to dedicate to keeping campaigns optimally updated?

    It only takes a few minutes. Beabloo’s content management system (CMS) allows you to manage all your campaigns from a single, centralized platform.

  • Does Beabloo work with interactive content?

    Beabloo’s CMS supports different types of interactive content based on various factors including weather conditions and audience demographic information. You can also integrate barcode scanners, RFID readers, third-party sensors and beacons.

  • Can I see when a customer returns to my store and their purchase history?

    Our solutions don’t record any personal data, but can provide valuable information such as the number of new and recurring visitors.

  • Does Beabloo comply with the GDPR?

    Yes. We guarantee compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. See our privacy policy here.

  • Is the Beabloo CMS secure?

    Beabloo servers are protected by various software packages that prevent external attacks. Beabloo is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified thanks to our security system. Our CMS can be set up to work from a predefined IP address.

  • What are the cutting-edge digital signage, analytics and tech trends in various market sectors?

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Technical Aspects / General

  • Does Beabloo provide client training?

    Beabloo provides clients with user guides for each solution, and the customer service team can offer additional support. The operations department provides content training and can teach partners about intallations, hardware, content and so on.

  • Can my company buy hardware and install Beabloo software?

    Yes, as long as the hardware is certified by Beabloo. Find the list of certified hardware here.

  • Do Beabloo solutions work with SoC?

    Beabloo works with Samsung SOC screens. Samsung Smart Signage Platform 4 (SSSP4) is the current version, which will soon be followed by SSSP5 and SSSP6. We also offer our unique Analytics Display solution, which adds video and Wi-Fi analytics to SoC players.

  • My company needs multiple screens. Does each screen need its own player?

    You don’t need to use one player per screen, one is enough for multiple screens. You can also use screens that come with an integrated player, like the Samsung SoC or Analytics Display

  • How many screens/screen networks can the CMS manage?

    Our CMS can manage an entire network of screens, regardless of their location. This network can include as many screens as you need.

  • Does Beabloo install and maintain solutions?

    Beabloo offers installation and maintenance services.

  • Can Beabloo solutions be integrated with existing analytics systems?

    Some of our solutions, like Audience Score  and Product Advisor, are integrated with Google Analytics.

    Some of our solutions, like Audience Score  and Product Advisor, are integrated with Google Analytics.

  • Can Beabloo dashboards integrate with external systems?

    Our dashboards allow you to export Excel documents. We have also created an API that can export some of our dashboard data into your analytics tool (Excel, Tableau, Quick, etc).

  • Does Beabloo handle client content?

    Beabloo offers content creation and management services.

  • When is the tech support department open?

    Our tech support department is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Requests emailed to support@beabloo.com are generally answered within 2 hours

Technical Aspects / Users and access

  • Why can’t I sign in to Beabloo?

    If you have entered an incorrect username or password: please double check your credentials or recover them using the “I forgot my username or password” section. Recover your password at https://www.beabloo.com/engine2/recover.

    Remember the following new password requirements:

      1. More than 8 characters.
      2. Must contain an uppercase letter, lowercase letter and a number.
      3. Must be different from your last 5 passwords.

    If your username has expired, please email support@beabloo.com.

  • Why does my session disconnect automatically?

    To protect your account from external attacks, the Beabloo system logs users out when no activity is detected for a certain time. Log in again to reconnect.

  • Can I change my username?

    No, the username and email address associated with the account are fixed and cannot be changed.

  • Can I change the CMS language?

    The CMS has a direct link to your user profile at the top of the page. Click this link to update your preferences, including the language of the CMS interface.

Technical Aspects / Content

  • I can't preview content in the CMS.

  • How many messages can a channel have?

    There is no limit to the number of messages in a given a channel

  • Can I create a template without a background?

    No, a template always needs an associated background image.
    If you do not want to create a personalized background, you can use one of the default backgrounds provided by Beabloo. You will find them in the template editor. Uncheck the “keep current” box underneath the background image. Pick your favorite image from the list.

  • Can I upload large images?

    Your image resolution must match your screen resolution.

  • Which file types can be added to messages?

    Upload options

    R = Resources

    M = Messages (when creating a message)

    FTP: FTP-Server (large amounts of data)

    I = Import messages from a file (channel option)

    Upload option



    VIDEO R – M – FTP .mp4 H264 recommended, will be converted.
    R – M – FTP .avi


    Will be converted to .mp4 h264;

    Conversion happens every 10 minutes on the server and takes 5-30 minutes;

    It depends on the file size;

    Small icon with video picture appears when conversion is finished.

    R – M – FTP .wav
    R – M – FTP .mpeg
    R – M – FTP .swf
    R – M – FTP .flv
    R – M – FTP .wmv
    R – M – FTP .ogm
    R – M – FTP .mov
    SOUND R – M – FTP .mp3 Recommended, no conversion needed.
    IMAGE R – M – FTP .jpg Recommended.
    R – M – FTP .png Recommended.
    R – M – FTP .gif Not recommended.
    TEXT DOCUMENTS Import .pdf Converted to .jpg.
    Import .doc Converted to .jpg.
    Import .docx Converted to .jpg.
    Import .odt Converted to .jpg.
    Import .rtf Converted to .jpg.
    Import .txt Converted to .jpg.
    SPREADSHEETS Import .xls Converted to .jpg.
    Import .xlsx Converted to .jpg.
    Import .ods Converted to .jpg.
    PRESENTATIONS Import .ppt Converted to .jpg.
    Import .pptx Converted to .jpg.
    Import .odd Converted to .jpg.
    Import .pot Converted to .jpg.
    GRAPHICS Import .eps Converted to .jpg.
    Import .ai Converted to .jpg.
    Import .psd Converted to .jpg.
    Import .tiff Converted to .jpg.

Technical Aspects / Screens and players

  • Why does “New content coming soon” appear on the screen?

      1. Program: check the content in your channels and templates. Make sure your program is correctly constructed. This message could be caused by an error in your program.
      2. Content: check that none of the program elements have expired.
      3. Connection: check that your player is connected to the internet.
      4. Synchronization status: check if your player is still downloading content using your screen Admin Panel. You will see the ‘coming soon’ message while it is downloading. Wait until your content has been fully downloaded and the message should disappear.
      5. If the message persists after checking all these points, try verifying the same program on another player (if you have one).

    If you are still unable to resolve this problem, email support@beabloo.com

  • Why isn’t my screen content up to date?

      1. Connection: check that your player is connected to the internet.
      2. Downloading content: your player may still be downloading content. The speed of this process may vary, depending on the quality of your network connection.
  • My player is connected but the screen is blank, or reads “No signal”.

      1. Cables: make sure all your cables, especially the video outputs (HDMI, DP, VGA), are properly connected.
      2. Player: confirm that the player button and light are on.
  • I am getting a systems error message (white letters on a black background). What do I need to do?

    The system may have been corrupted:

    1. Restart the device.
    2. Reinstall the operating system.
    3. Change the hardware (hard disk, memory).

Technical Aspects / Widgets

  • How do I add my own widgets?

    You can include personalized widgets (.swf files) on your screens using templates.

    First create your .swf file, then upload it to your organization’s widgets section. Then add it to your chosen template. Consult our user manual for a more detailed explanation, email support@beabloo.com if you need a copy.

Technical Aspects / Web and Mobile App

  • Can I redirect CMS content to my own domain instead of using the Beabloo website?

    Yes, through our API. It allows you to interact with our system and obtain the information you need to create your own applications using CMS data. Data is shown in JSON or JSONP format.

    For more detailed information, write to support@beabloo.com

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?