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Advantages of Dynamic Marketing in Your Store

Right now, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in the world. That means 45.12% of the world’s population has one in their pocket. This little screen is our main window to the world and a huge part of our day-to-day life. We use it to manage our agendas, communicate with others and get useful information to improve our lives. What if we could transfer this relationship with screens to physical stores? That’s where dynamic marketing comes in.

This term, also known as dynamic advertising, is closely related to digital signage. Dynamic marketing solutionsshow content on interactive screens located in commercial spaces. Retailers can show multimedia content adapted to the customer and their demographic characteristics (including gender, age range and geographic location). This content can include exclusive offers, additional information, videos, or entertaining images to improve the shopping experience.

Dynamic digital advertising opens up endless possibilities for improving the customer experience. If consumers are already used to getting relevant information on their smartphones, computers, TVs and interactive screens, why not recreate this in physical stores? In this blog post, we will show you the keys to getting the most out of interactive, dynamic ads.

Advantages of dynamic marketing systems for personalizing offers

Personalization: The sensor technology in digital screens can classify viewers based on their demographics. Based on this data, the intelligent digital signage system selects the best content for that type of audience. This way, customers will see content directed toward them and their unique characteristics, making their customer experience more personalized and improving their connection to the brand.

Segmentation: Dynamic product ads let brands optimize campaigns by directing offers and promotions to a specific group of customers. You get the security of knowing your advertising messages are reaching the right groups of customers, as well as a boost in sales and more efficient stock management.

Creativity: Dynamic advertising solutions create a new channel for delivering messages to customers. What do you want to tell customers in your store as they look at your products? What information would help close the sale, make the shopping experience memorable, and ensure customer loyalty? A dynamic screen in the right place can achieve this.

Differentiation: Implementing dynamic marketing in your stores gives you a huge leg up on the competition, since the technology is still in its early phases. Most stores aren’t using it, so utilizing it puts you a step ahead. If you add data collecting elements (always respecting customer privacy), you can start making customer-centric decisions.

Gamification: When we talk about dynamic display ads, we aren’t just talking about static messages on digital screens. Screens can also interact with customers through voice or touch. A screen with a virtual assistant can answer questions, provide useful information, interact with customers and make people feel taken care of. A fully satisfied customer much more likely to return.

The power of dynamic advertising and results for companies

Dynamic marketing gives you an edge over the competition. You can adapt messages to your customers and make each visit to your store a unique experience. Using this type of dynamic, creative ad content will improve your positioning in the market and lead to a notable increase in sales and more satisfied customers.

Guiomar Fernandez