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Dynamic Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage: Digital Signage and Demographic Detection Unite

Beabloo digital signage doesn’t just display content on spectacular devices, it takes us closer to the store of the future because it’s combined with video analytics. Can signs know what the viewer is interested in or detect their gender? Can they anticipate the weather conditions? Can they segment advertisements?

Yes, with incredible results! We explain how Dynamic Digital Signage is designed to get the most out of retail spaces, and the main benefits of using this solution.

Segment your ads and show them only to potential clients

Amazingly, digital signage allows you to target ads to potential customers. Dynamic Digital Signage integrates two technologies (Quividi and Intel AIM), a player and a webcam. This allows it to detect whether the viewer is male or female.

Imagine you own a perfume store. If you use traditional signage to display an ad for women’s perfume, it will have no impact on any male passersby, as they are not the campaign target. However, Dynamic Digital Signage allows you to take advantage of the traffic and target male and female audiences directly using a single digital screen. It can change automatically to a men’s fragrance ad when a male shopper looks at the screen, even when you display content for women by default.

Make sure the weather’s always kind

In retail, marketing activities adapt naturally to numerous external conditions. Like the weather. It starts raining and temperatures drop? Better switch your store windows to promote rain gear. What happens with static signage? You often need time to change product images.

But digital signage adapts to local weather predictions (using Yahoo Weather) and instantly promotes relevant products. For example, it could display a sunglasses ad on glorious sunny days, and switch to an umbrella when a storm approaches. Now you can forget about the weather!

Gain a better understanding of your customers

The audience analytics dashboard identifies the most successful campaign content and measures: how many people walked past a digital sign, how long they spent looking at it, their gender, age range and other parameters. This information is essential for precisely targeting retail content to the right demographic, improving your understanding of your customers and increasing conversion rates. All this is key to improving your ROI.

Did you know that Dynamic Digital Signage can be integrated into different retail space areas, including dressing rooms, walls and shop windows? Want to learn how to deploy this solution in your business? Let’s talk!  We’d love to get to know you.

Guiomar Fernandez