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Customer feedback survey

The Benefits of Understanding Customer Experience Through Feedback Surveys

The retail sector must satisfy customers’ needs to provide the perfect shopping experiences they have come to expect. Customer satisfaction surveys are an easy and accessible way to discover whether or not your services are providing this level of in-store experiences without taking up too much of your customers’ time. They offer retailers major benefits, allow them to adapt store services according to visitor feedback and improve purchase paths.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a solution that allow companies to measure how customers perceive the products or services offered at the point of sale. They are genuinely useful for companies concerned about the quality of their products and services, and who want to receive customer feedback in order to improve. Satisfaction surveys can be carried out using tablets or digital panels located at points of sale, or at any in-store location or focal point. Surveys provide brief, simple answers to questions in order to provide relevant information about customer satisfaction levels and in-store experiences.

Data gathered through these customer surveys can be enriched with demographic information about the visitors who interacted with the solution. Video Analytics technology provides information about your customers’ gender, age-range and the time they spent paying attention to the content shared on the screen anonymously and respecting their privacy. This lets you analyze customer profiles and see what works best for each segment in order to optimize store performance for every customer.

This kind of satisfaction survey provides retailers with a wide range of benefits:

  • Tailor surveys to your customers using the data gathered to explore their brand experience in more depth and to measure their satisfaction, preferences, loyalty and much more. The aim is to create loyal, repeat customers and to improve engagement.
  • Empower customers inside the store. Let them provide their sincere opinion about a particular aspect of the service provided, quickly and easily.
  • Improvethe quality of the products and services provided by identifying things to improve from real customer feedback.
  • Receive visitor opinions immediately after their in-store purchase path. This gives you much more detailed and up-to-date information.
  • Interview customers who are trying to resolve a problem, find help or complain. When implemented at customer service points, satisfaction surveys help you discover incidentsoccurring at your store and work out how to resolve
  • Find out what your employees think to improve satisfaction at your company. Discoverareas to improvein the workplace and make employees happier and more productive on a daily basis.

Beabloo has designed its Customer Feedback Survey solution to let you analyze customers at the point of sale. Video Analytics allows you to segment customer opinions into various profiles. The Customer Feedback Survey, part of the Beabloo Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS), collects all the answers received, and gives you the results based on a range of selected dates or the frequency with which each question is answered by each gender and age group. This is very useful for understanding what works best or worst at each store. It reveals the level of customer satisfaction at each location, telling you whether or not the purchase experience is good enough.

These days, the physical point of sale is becoming a place where visitors want to have an unforgettable experience. Implementing customer satisfaction surveys is a really useful way to find out exactly what customers want, so you can improve their experience and increase their engagement with the brand.

Guiomar Fernandez