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Beabloo Metriplica merger

Beabloo Finalizes Merger with Metriplica and Predicts a Turnover of Over 20 Million Euros in Three Years

Strategic business merger in the technology and retail sectors

  • Beabloo, a tech company specialized in developing software solutions for retailers, is now positioned as one of the few companies in the world to provide products and consulting to improve the customer experience both in physical stores and online.
  • The 2 million euro deal strengthens the company’s position in the digital marketing sector.


Spanish tech companies in the retail and digital marketing sectors, Beabloo and Metriplica, completed their merger. This deal means a complete restructuring and integration of the two teams. Beabloo, whose turnover was 8 million euros this year, expects a 50% annual growth during the next three years to eventually exceed a turnover of 20 million euros in 2022. This deal will also let the company expand their geographic reach to the majority of Europe and the United States, as well as some Latin American countries.

In the midst of the debate over the role of the physical store as online sales become more common, this deal joins two major players in the tech sector in favor of retail. Metriplica, a leader in online analytics, and Beabloo, a leader in retail technology, are both the firsts in their respective sectors from Southern Europe to apply cutting-edge technology to traditional and online points of sale. Thanks to this merger with Metriplica, Beabloo can provide a unique service in the retail sector. Through integrated tech solutions, retailers can asses, analyze and improve the customer experience and results of their business. All of these solutions are part of the Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS), a suite of solutions with the aim of transforming the traditional store into the retail of the future.

This 2 million euro deal makes the company the only software manufacturer with a consultant to manage and improve the customer experience both offline and online. It is also the only company in the sector based on the pro-service format for co-innovation. This means that Beabloo provides their own technology and will let the consulting service use their expert knowledge on the customer experience to get the most out of it.

Human capital, talent retention and more comfortable and agile organization

The company’s restructuring involves integrating Metriplica specialists into the Beabloo team using a squad structure. Squads are multidisciplinary teams based on best practices from other tech companies to create a more agile and decisive organization. The system is ideal for talent retention, since it creates interdisciplinary teams that improve group dynamics and the work environment. This has been proven by other companies that use this system, like Spotify. In fact, Metriplica was already using this structure, which was a great way to test the advantages before applying the system to the “new Beabloo.”  The most notable advantage to the system is making employees feel more invested in each project and their results, which increases their loyalty and motivation.

To show their confidence in the quality of their products, Beabloo has become a data-driven company that applies artificial intelligence to optimize and automate processes. This generates value for the company and their clients, since it shows how Beabloo solutions have practical and positive applications in company dynamics.

Guiomar Fernandez