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B Cruises

Beabloo Equips the New B Cruises Flagship Store with Digital Signage

A journey to the future of retail

B Cruises, B the travel brand’s new brand specialized in cruises, lands in Barcelona with a 450m2 flagship store fully digitized with Beabloo technology.

Beabloo, the Spanish retail tech and online analytics company, digitized the B Cruises flagship store that recently opened in Barcelona.

“For us, it’s a great sign that B the travel brand and the Ávoris group is putting so much trust in our products and our vision,” said Jaume Portell, CEO of Beabloo. “At Beabloo, we want to help companies start a conversation with their customers and transform their stores into sensory and experiential environments.”

B Cruises, B the travel brand’s new brand specialized in cruises, opened a store dedicated to their cruise options. To guarantee the best shopping experience, the store is digitized with the latest digital signage technology managed by Beabloo’s cloud-based omnichannel CMS (content management system). It’s the most complete solution currently on the market.

This software for digital signage lets brands and retailers optimize content distribution and monitoring since it can be done remotely and simultaneously across different platforms. It also allows content from different sources, like social networks and RSS feeds.

The future of retail is getting closer every day 

This flagship store will serve as an excellent model for how technology can optimize and invigorate the customer experience in physical stores. To achieve this, the B Cruises space is prepared and designed to provide shopping experiences adapted to each customer.

This project reinforces Beabloo’s position as a leading company in the retail tech sector. The B Cruises flagship store also forms part of a larger project to digitize B the travel brand stores. The company continues to position itself as an innovative brand that bets on cutting-edge technology for the main brand, as well as for specialized brands like B Cruises.

Guiomar Fernandez