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B the travel brand digital transformation

B the travel brand embarks on a digital transformation

B the travel brand has digitalized their 650 travel store windows and implemented an advanced omnichannel video analytics system.

 B the travel brand, is the retail brand of Ávoris, the travel division of Grupo Barceló, and one of the largest distribution networks in Spanish tourism. Over the past two years, their business model has evolved to place customer relationships at the heart of their strategy.

B the travel brand created a ‘laboratory’ inside flagship stores to design and develop the travel store of the future, enhancing innovation and digitalization.

Their latest achievement is the digitalization of their 650 store windows. In the words of Pello Meaurio, Director of Customer Experience, “The traditional content distribution system was very costly, completely offline and produced very little added value. Creating and distributing an offer or content item required two or three days’ work, plus printing and logistics.”

Here, our digitalization goal is to develop an intelligent advertising system that allows us to interact directly with our customers. For this project, B the travel brand joined forces with Beabloo, a specialist in combining omnichannel marketing with big data for retailers. The result is a digital signage network of centrally monitored screens capable of displaying personalized ads, entertaining information, content, products and offers as text, animations or video.

Beabloo CEO Jaume Portell affirms that “We had a dual aim: to help B the travel brand communicate more efficiently and digitally with their customers, and to use this technology to actively listen to customers and learn how to improve their shopping experience.”

The new system is able to measure, segment and align messages to the target and to customer needs. And it does all this in a centralized manner and, most importantly, in real time.

Video analytics allow businesses to gain a better understanding of their audience. They can use this knowledge to show customers what they want to see at any given moment and to learn which campaigns produce the best results.


B the travel brand

A trademark of Ávoris, the travel, leisure and vacation brand belonging to the Grupo Barceló, with over 650 points of sale in Spain and Portugal servicing over 1.5 million travelers. B the travel brand belongs to the company’s retail division, along with BCD Travel and WÄY. The wholesale division includes brands like PlanB!, Quelónea, Catai, Jolidey, Viva Tours, LePlan, LeSki, LeMusik, Special Tours and Jotelclick, as well as the evelop! airline, Portuguese airline orbest! and Turavia, their inbound tourism service.


Beabloo is a leading Active Retail Intelligence company, specialized in developing innovative omnichannel solutions for digital signage and analytics. The products and services developed by Beabloo transform the shopping experience and improve marketing impact in physical spaces.

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