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Augusto Modigliani

Augusto Modigliani, New Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Beabloo

Appointment notice 

“We want to democratize the use of artificial intelligence in retail companies so that consumers can get a unique shopping experience that integrates the online and offline worlds. Through the Beabloo Partner Program, we want to reach every market,” says Modigliani.

Spanish tech companies Beabloo and Metriplica, specialists in the retail and online analytics sectors, recently completed their merger. This led to a company-wide restructuring and integration of the two teams. With this merger, the offline analytics experts (Beabloo) and the online analytics experts (Metriplica), both already leaders in Southern Europe, became a single company that provides expert knowledge in both areas. The “new” Beabloo is focusing this knowledge on two key concepts for developing business and technology: the customer journey and big data. It is in this context of change and growth that the company named Augusto Modigliani as the new chief sales and marketing officer (CSMO).

In addition to the strategic team integration that has consolidated and amplified Beabloo’s product, the brand is also in the midst of international expansion. Although Beabloo’s biggest presence is in Europe with a focus on the American market, Beabloo is directing their globalization strategy toward making strategic partner alliances with tech leaders.                                                                                                                                      “Beabloo does not sell a conventional product. We are looking for the opportunity to create a brand-new experience, based both in digital and physical environments, for customers and companies through artificial intelligence technology. This is what we say to our partners so they share our vision that technology is at the service of retail. Our partner program is growing and becoming more solid for that reason,” assures Modigliani, the new chief sales and marketing officer at Beabloo.

Leadership in communication and sales for this next step

With more than twenty years of experience in the communication sectors and in positions related to product, branding and marketing, Augusto Modigliani joined Beabloo in 2014.  He built his experience in communications strategies working for companies like Magnolia S.p.A, Zodiac Media, Filmmaster, Mediaset, ARTE, BBC, PBS, RAI and SKY.  Recently, he obtained a master’s degree in innovation certified by the prestigious MIT Management Executive Education Business School.

Modigliani collaborated on projects with some of the world’s leading media/advertising agencies and best-known brands to produce valuable content that speaks to brands’ values and identity.  Some of the brands he has worked with include BMW, Renault, Orange, Vodafone, Fineco, Barilla, Nestlé, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, P&G and Apple.

His commitment, strategic vision and decisive attitude helped him grow from Beabloo’s product manager to chief sales & marketing officer. Part of his job at Beabloo included coordinating product design and innovation, along with developing objectives in both product positioning and brand identity strategy.

Currently, Modigliani is in charge of the marketing and sales strategies at the “new” Beabloo after their merger with Metriplica.

Guiomar Fernandez